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        2. SERVICES

          • Custom Model Generation Services

            With advanced gene editing technologies, GemPharmatech is able to produce transgenic, knockout, knock-in, and other types of gene-edited mouse models. GemPharmatech has completed tens of thousands of gene editing mouse models and constructs over 6,000 customized mouse models per year, providing customers with high-quality products and services.?
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          • Preclinical Testing Services

            Our dedication to advancing preclinical research goes beyond providing innovative mouse models; we are also committed to supporting our customers by offering preclinical efficacy services. Our experienced scientists determine the safety and efficacy of your compounds using our models and facilities, ensuring that testing is controlled and that you receive reliable and quality data. GemPharmatech is currently offering efficacy services for oncology-immunology, metabolism, autoimmune diseases, and many others.
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          • Germ-Free and Microbiome Services

            GemPharmatech's germ-free and gut microbiome service platform is a leading germ-free mouse production and experimental platform in China. This platform owns 2000 m2 of facilities, hundreds of sterile isolators, reliable sterile feeding systems, and experimental technology. GemPharmatech is the first company that has been granted the Germ-Free Laboratory Animal Production License in Jiangsu Province and our germ-free mice production facilities have passed the on-site inspection by Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department. We can provide worldwide scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical companies with services covering germ-free mouse production, breeding, sale and experiments.
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          • Cell Lines and Customization Services

            To support preclinical in-vivo research and development, GemPharmatech has developed a comprehensive platform for gene-edited cell line customization, reporter gene cell line customization, in-vivo mouse tumorigenicity test customization, and cell line-derived xenograft model (CDX model) customization.
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          • Custom Breeding Services

            GemPharmatech has more than 12 years of full AAALAC accreditation, with more than ten years of custom breeding experience, serving renowned research institutions world-wide.
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          • Animal Quality Testing Services

            GemPharmatech has built a state-of-the-art animal husbandry management and health monitoring system to ensure the animals’ care, health, and quality. We are committed to providing our customers with consistently high-quality animals and services.
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          • Assay Capabilities

            The GemPharmatech assay platforms include Imaging and Analysis, Behavioral Analysis, Molecular Testing, PK/PD Analysis, Histopathology, Flow Cytometry, and Cell-Based Assays, providing global drug research and development institutions with a comprehensive solution for drug efficacy testing, safety assessment, and pharmacodynamic and drug metabolism analysis.
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          • NeoMab? Fully-Human Antibody Dicovery

            The NeoMab? mouse retains native mouse constant region encoding genes while incorporating human variable gene repertoires into endogenous loci of BALB/c mouse. This strategy results in a robust model that combines the features of the mouse immune system with human-specific variable regions, making it ideal for advancing antibody discovery and research endeavors.
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          • Other Services

            GemPharmatech also provides other services, including animal facility hosting services, isolation of embryonic fibroblasts, reproductive technology training and customization services.
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