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        1. Reproductive Technology, Custom Embryology Services and Training

          Reproductive technology training

          Training contentOur embryology team at GemPharmatech (Nanjing, China) provides external technical training, The embryo manipulation techniques include Sperm and Embryo cryopreservation and resuscitation, Embryo Transfer,In Vitro Fertilization,Pronuclear Microinjection.

          Training DateThe company organizes two external training sessions every year, with one session at the end of April (Spring session) and the other at the end of September (Autumn session).

          Application: Training information will be published through the WeChat Official Account: GemPharmatech.

          Customized embryology services


          In addition to the standard service of model animal production, custom embryology services are available.Providing embryos at various gestational stages,Validating experiments of reagents or drugs embryonic development ,Biopsy of polar body , 4-8-cell embryos during cleavage stage for genetic diagnosis and screening, Embryo implantation verification, Separating the implanted embryo at different developmental stages and early embryonic organ.


          1. Embryo supply and validation of reagents or drugs in embryonic development stages: We can provide embryos at various gestational stages or test the effect of a reagent or drug in vitro and in vivo on embryonic development, including providing detailed experimental data and photos taken at multiple embryonic development stages using different magnifications (100x,200x,400x).

          2. Biopsy of blastomere for genetic diagnosis and screening: We use a specific microscopic biopsy needle to extract polar body from a MⅡ oocyte, extract a blastomere from 4-8-cell mouse embryo for gene identification to determine whether the embryo is at risk of carrying disease-prone genetic mutations, and select normal embryo(s) for transplantation to reduce congenital defects. This can be done for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or screening (PGS) purposes.

          3. Embryo implantation verification: We can identify the implantation site of an embryo and determine the implantation and developmental status by injecting dye into the caudal vein.

          4. Separation of the implanted embryo at different phases of development and early embryonic organ: This can be done to analyze the implantation and gestation conditions of genetically modified embryos, which is important for the study of low birth rate and fertility rate. Early embryonic organ may be isolated and used to study process of embryo development at specific stages of pregnancy.


          • Rich technical experience:The technical team has more than 15 years of extensive practical experience and theoretical expertise. Our performance in embryology service practices, such as in vitro fertilization rate and embryo transfer rate, exceed industry standards.

          • More professional: We offer a comprehensive set of reproductive technology services for mouse, including in vitro fertilization, Sperm and Embryo cryopreservation, pronuclear microinjection, and ovary transplantation,Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. And our team have ability and level of  independent research and development. The new assisted reproduction technologies can be customized to meet customer requirements.

          • High throughput: Our team are equipped with several large capacity gas-phase liquid nitrogen tanks, microinjectors, and proprietary sperm cryopreservation apparatuses, in addition to other sophisticated equipment.

          • Quick responsiveness: For customized embryology services, scheme and quotation could be provided within one working day. Our team can also provide the oretical support for the experimental scheme.

          • Comprehensive service capabilities: The reproductive technology course is one-on-one training, The technical team not only training embryo manipulation techniques,also could provide support at the usual questions , such as laboratory animal facility and regant or animals microbiological testing.


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