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          GemPharmatech's ambitious Knockout All Project (KOAP) aims to create knockout (KO) and conditional knockout (cKO) mouse strains for all ~23,000 protein coding genes in the mouse genome. Our specialized gene editing platform enables the production of over 6,000 new mutant strains annually, generating KO and cKO mice quickly and efficiently. To date, we have successfully targeted nearly 10,000 genes, providing researchers with knockout mouse models and conditional knockout mouse models for a wide range of research fields, including oncology, autoimmunity, metabolism, and neurodegeneration. Our ultimate goal at GemPharmatech is to provide our customers with the best mouse tools to accelerate their biomedical discovery and drug development.

          Knockout & Conditional Knockout Mouse Models

          Our Pathways page allows you to easily browse available KOAP mice based on biological pathways. With over 60 pathway diagrams, you can quickly identify cellular processes, structures, and proteins that are relevant to your research. Our interactive pathways enable you to click on any active component to learn more about the available mouse models related to specific genes and pathway functions.

          Advantages of Our Knockout All Project:

          • Largest collection of gene editing mouse strains

          • Over 20,000+ available knockout and conditional knockout mouse model strains with more in development

          • Customized construction of knockout mice and conditional knockout mice

          • If a KO or cKO mouse strain is not yet available, one can be created in as little as 3-6 months

          • Access to our comprehensive services platform, including phenotyping, drug efficacy testing, in vitro pathological analysis, and more

          • Quick, hassle-free customer service

          • Orders can be placed online or with our expert sales representatives